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Growing Tree Pre-School

1695 Canyon Road

Moraga, CA 94556

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(925) 376-8280

Program Schedule Options


Growing Tree currently has three schedule options to allow for staggering arrival and departure as well as the best use of our inside classrooms and outdoor play areas. Please review the current registration page for all schedule and fee pricing and options as well as our registration timeline. You may download the fully detailed registration form from the link at the bottom of the registration page.

We ask that you pick the program choice which best matches  the time frame you need for care as we are not able to offer extra hours or drop in hours at this time while we focus on keeping group cohorts in place. We use your schedule choices to form the necessary group cohorts as recomended for schools. Changing schedules is dependant on the group cohort availability.

We do offer some limited enrichment classes in the afternoons as may be appropriate with in group cohorts. These are offered as they become available.

All enrollments require a 30 day notice to cancel or change schedules.

Please review our current  covid policies and protocols under the parent info/handbook tab before submitting your registration . We want all families to feel informed and safe in the decision making process for preschool. There are a number of ways in which attending school may be different than pre covid. Our protocols in place have accommodated a happy healthy school experience!

 PROGRAM OPTIONS (Program A 8;30-12:00 (no lunch) Program B: 9:00-3:00  / Program C: 8:00-5:00)