Enrichment Programs

Our Enrichment Programs are offered as afternoon add on monthly enrollments from 12-2 pm (stay for lunch bunch and  enrichment class after) for A scheduled students and as add in class only enrollments for children in B or C schedules (join class as a pull out program within your regular schedule) Seperate fees will apply and classes are offered as they are available once children are enrolled and settled in regular routines. Children do not need to be enrolled on  the same day of enrichment to attend.

Ready Readers  Ready, Set, Read! We will be using Fletcher’s Place Reading and Spelling program to give your child a head start with reading.  This program is highly interactive and physically active.  Students will learn through music and games that will give your child a great foundation for early reading.  We will start with introductions of each letter sound, move on to “sliding out” sounds to read 2-3 letter words, and introduce beginner books that follow the curriculum as the year progresses.  Growing Tree is excited as this program is great for all learning types but, more importantly, makes learning to read FUN so that we’ll all be Ready Readers ! 

Ready Readers is an hour long class offered to our Pre K and Pre K + classes.


Spanish immersion is offered in the afternoons for those children in our Pre K and older classes. This is a fun filled introduction to Spanish with opportunities to sing, work, and play together while absorbing the basics of a second language. The older class participates in a cooking component to further explore the culture and language while working as a group.

Our Beginning Spanish class is 1/2 hour of singing, finger plays, art,  stories and movement – lots of  active participation makes learning Spanish basics  lots of fun!  Offered to our Preschool classes.



Our Spanish with Cooking class  is one hour of singing, finger plays, writing exercises and the best part…half of the class time is spent cooking south of the border favorites!  Offered to our Pre K and Pre K +classes.



Yoga  Pose like a cat or a downward dog or a tree!  Learn the Bunny Breath and the Flower Breath!  Learning different poses and breathing techniques are just some of the fun yoga activities planned for your child.  Yoga is a great way to help your child develop confidence and concentration.  Yoga also teaches the life long tools for calming the body, mind and developing an overall sense of wellbeing.  We’ll have a group of little yogis in no time! Namaste!

Yoga is a 1/2 hour long class and is offered to our Preschool and older classes.