Transitional Kindergarten

Our TK  program is for our oldest group of children who are 4.0   This is a year to hone skills and build self-confidence. The program follows a kindergarten prep curriculum. Language, art, social studies, math, and science are all part of their days. Writing and reading activities, as well as estimating, graphing, music, and movement are incorporated into their daily schedule. We offer our established private TK to allow families to maintain both excellent educational and extended care in one familiar location.

The goal for our TK  children  is to prepare them to enter into all kindergarten activities with complete ease and to have all the social skills to engage comfortably and successfully with their peers

TK  Program Schedule

TK schedule: 8:30-3:00, a 6 1/2 hours program.

Extended hours available: 8:00 – 8:30 and  3:00 – 5:00

Morning program 8:30-12:00 is also available.


Circle/Calendar –

We start our day with a discussion of the daily topics and go over the calendar and get job assignments. Calendar activities help reinforce different math concepts: patterning, counting, graphing and place value. Daily jobs are important in teaching self-esteem and responsibility.

Readiness –

At this time, we introduce and reinforce the skills of handwriting, phonics, sequencing, listening, book making and personal journal writing.

Centers –

This a time for small group participation. Directed activities in science, cooking or math are presented. The activities covered during this time generally introduce new information to the children, and smaller groups allow them to assimilate the new ideas

Art –

Art is an important part of the program. Art activities stimulate creative expression, promote fine motor skills, and expand confidence.

Language –

The language portion of the program begins to build a foundation for the children’s understanding of written and oral language. The focus is on letter formation, letter sounds, initial consonants, and name writing. As the program progresses, the children are encouraged to write on their own, using inventive and phonetic spelling.

Math –

A hands-on approach to math is the basis for this portion of the program. The children work on concepts of patterning, graphing, measuring, geometry, and number concept.

Social studies –

Social studies is a venue for learning to work cooperatively: exploring, creating, and communicating. We learn about past and present events as we celebrate happenings around the world as well as community interests.

Movement/Music –

This segment of the program includes singing, dancing, basic instrument use, and drama. It is a time for building confidence through performing.